A few things about... Sue

My name is Susan Todd.  I was born January 5, 1949 I'm originally from Providence, Rhode Island.
I lived in Florida for a number of years and moved to Ohio when my son retired from the military.
           I have worked at several occupations.  To name a few, hairdresser, nurse, bookkeeper, home health care, seashell souvenir assembler.  (The last one was years, and years, and years ago.)  A lot of fun, but nothing I wanted to build a career around.
           My passions have ranged from handcrafts of every sort, painting, cooking, reading, and of course writing.  Over the years, I managed to finally narrow down my wide assortment of unfinished projects to a few crocheted pieces.  One day I just decided that writing was really now and forever my first love. Therefore, I threw myself into it heart and soul.  Thus, I have six completed novels, one still to be edited, and 16 in the works.
          Writing is not a competitive sport.  It is one person alone in a room with a half filled cup of cold coffee sitting beside a keyboard often times sprinkled with crumbs.  A writer who writes knows what I mean.
           There are no visible chains or leggings rattling about the not so comfy chair, but they are there.  They extend just to the window where the writer can see the world busily going about work, fun activities, and family outings while they remain in their solitary world engrossed in thickening plots, descriptive adjectives and beckoning adverbs.  A writer spends a tremendous amount of alone time.  That is unless you count the incredible cast of characters who parade in and out of the world they live in.
           I am absolutely convinced, by speaking to other so afflicted souls that writing isn't for everyone.  Moreover, joining further discussion in this group of select individuals we find that most family members don’t understand the passion or really encourage the process.  So we seek out other associations who understand what drives a person to sit hunched over until the derriere goes numb, our eyes burn and the words all start running together, but we continue past the swollen ankles and carpel tunnel syndrome.  (Oh, but the thrill of it all!)
          Now that my one son is long fledged, and I am retired and single, I have all the time in the world to pursue this lifelong love.  And so I do.  But even with nothing to distract me, I am often distracted by empty phrases, fragmented sentences, passive voices (not just in my head), run on sentences, wordiness and grammatical nightmares that not even spell-check can understand.
          I have pretty much settled here in  Ohio after around 43 moves.  So all in all, I am very blessed. Having the potential of readers stopping by to enjoy what comes to my mind is just icing on the cake… or better yet, PIE.

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