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     Fate? Destiny? A predetermined life? Whatever you believe, somehow we get from one event in our lives to another. Why do we often give credit to unfortunate situations as being the best thing that could ever have happened to us? Do we want to somehow believe that even those times are within our control to edit the outcome?
     Sandra Bloom never dreamed that coming face to face with fate, would be during a trip to the store for pretzels and beer for a husband who she might have shared a home with, but not really a life and definitely not her heart.

4.0 out of 5 stars Absorbing Tale! September 6, 2013
By Kathy Goodhew, author

     I must say, A Clap of Thunder, by Susan Todd was certainly an engaging story about fate and its ability to entwine two distraught strangers, and craftily lead the two women on a road trip away from what ails them and toward a sister-like friendship on a small island off the coast of Georgia. Once there, as fate would have it, a friend from the past shows up just as illness strikes hard for one woman, affecting the others in ways they cannot imagine. I thoroughly enjoyed the compelling story. Ms. Todd has a unique gift for skillfully writing with creativeness. There were some typos, but what book doesn't have those. Overall, a very good read.

     This book is for anyone who has ever made a mistake in life causing another person pain, or who has been hurt themselves. That pretty much includes everyone who will be reading this book. Fixing those things that happen to us is sometimes easier than forgiving them. There is nothing within us as human that comes close to authentic forgiveness; not for others and definitely not for ourselves. 
     There is only one place where true forgiveness for any need can be found. That is the Cross of Jesus. For centuries, some have willingly run to that Cross and some have run from it. But, regardless, it has stood steadfast as the epitome of Forgiveness. Within these pages is His forgiveness for all of us. That is my hope, my only reason for writing under the anointing of the Holy Spirit. That His words come off these pages bringing Life to the reader. That what you are left with is far more everlasting than a "good" story.

By Kathy Goodhew, author on September 7, 2013
Format: Paperback

`Whales in the Pond' by Susan Todd had me quite captivated from beginning to end. Ms. Todd is an amazing storyteller and I strongly recommend this gem of a book as a must read for anyone who has ever made a mistake in life and needing forgiveness. `Whales in the Pond' begins with a bungled robbery attempt, preceding a face-to-face encounter with the truth and with much needed forgiveness for four troubled individuals just wanting to be loved.

     Indulge yourself in each decadent page, and become captivated with HANK CONWAY, a recent college English major as he embarks upon a job that will change his life forever, tutoring the daughter of a prominent Russian diplomat. His intuitive trip to an obscure hamlet in Russia is a mere shadow of the challenges that will have Hank questioning more than his abilities to teach NATASHIA, his beautiful adolescent student. How can a man personally peer into the abyss of madness and live to tell about it? Let Hank show you how. As a spectator, you will witness Hank navigate his way back across the thin line of reality and sanity aided by an inconceivable guide, RAUN, (Rah-une) a superior White Artic bear wrapped in his own mystery-driven fate under a January Sky.

     God is doing something, and He is doing it through His Body. I sat before Him, and He authored this book and another lent her gift in the editing of it becoming the next in line to help it on its journey. Now, dear reader, it has found its way into your hands. Before you become the next link in the Body, drink, taste, and linger for yourself first. This book is for YOU. 
     Then out of the abundance of your heart, what you have freely received, see whom it is that the Father wants to draw through you into the same nourishing supply. There is no telling whose life you might have an effect on. Every single one of us that makes up the Body of the Lord, has a part. I believe that it is the Lord's desire to keep offering this book over, and over, and over into the lives of those who He knows He is ready to draw unto Himself. And you now are a part...

By Kathy Goodhew, author on September 18, 2013
Format: Paperback
     Once in a great while a book comes along that makes a lasting impression on the innermost core. That's what happened when I read Susan Todd's stirring book titled; God said, "Tell them, I AM". This gem among books gives a deeper understanding of God's plan via His essential gift given for us; Jesus Christ. Ms. Todd creates some thought-provoking images attached to a unique sensitivity of the spirit using many verses from the book of John, even as she glorifies God exclusively. I highly recommend this book as a must read whether you are a believer or a nonbeliever.

     When Baley Duncan steps off the bus in Reliance, Wyoming everything about her life is about to change. Factor in one very disturbing "cowboy" type male, Sloan Walker, who is as unsettled as she is and an aging matriarch, Ms Rose Merryweather, who keeps muttering about the 'calling', and you are about to take a glimpse through Eternity's Portal. Life has a way sometimes of letting us know that what we see isn't always all there is to see.The question is are we listening?

By Kathy Goodhew, author on September 21, 2013
Format: Paperback
     Only recently did I have the clear pleasure of reading, `Eternity's Portal', by Susan Todd. As a writer, Susan has been blessed with the gift of an inspired imagination with the ability to create a unique story-line about the `calling' of two unlikely recipients leading to their glimpse of something so supernatural and spiritual that it captures the reader's attention from start to finish. I have to say that once I began reading I did not want to put the book down, because it was that good. Ms. Todd wrote the story as a way to show the reader that the `calling' is offered and waiting for all of us, as well. But, are we listening?

     What does MADELINE MITCHELL - ROWENA BLUNT - MICHELLE ANN WOLF - NICOLE HARRIS - AND ALIENE ANDERSON have in common with one another? - Absolutely NOTHING! That is except for the fact that they all end up as guests at a failing country Bed and Breakfast. 
     LUKE MCPHERSON, the lone caretaker, innocently ends up riding herd over the lives of these five obstinate, spoiled, miserable, timid, and submissive females. His determination to wrangle this cantankerous gathering leads him to an idea that calls for the use of five smooth stones. The only problem is he has no way of knowing if they will end up throwing these stones at him or leaving them as a monument. FIVE SMOOTH STONES will have you laughing and crying.          This is a feel-good story. If you have ever encountered one of these personalities or perhaps find yourself strangely similar to one, then FIVE SMOOTH STONES could cause you to see others or yourself in a completely different light

By Kathy Goodhew, author on September 16, 2013
Format: Paperback
     Five Smooth Stones, by Susan Todd, is a cleverly written tale entwined around five strangers, each with her own personality issue, brought by fate to a troubled, and recently sold, farm Bed and Breakfast and its lone caretaker. Attempting to assist his former boss's transfer of ownership of the B &B without any problems, the caretaker hides everyone's cell phone and disables the vehicles, making way for an interactive game involving a smooth stone for each guest. At first, the game is met with negative reactions but over time each guest's attitude is forever changed due to the thought-provoking game. `Five Smooth Stones' is a feel-good story and highly recommended.

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