Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Here is my latest creative moment

I found this craft and was impressed with how you do it. You first draw your subject, trace it with glue, add yarn on the lines to form an impression that will be raised once you cover it with aluminum foil. Its easier than it sounds. I know because I put off (imagine that) trying this, thinking it was too hard. The thing I learned was that the whole time I just knew it was going to be hard to get the aluminum in all the crevices of the yarn, I was wrong. Once I laid the aluminum foil over picture all I did was run my hand over it and Presto! The image of the elephant rose to the surface. Then I added color. This taught me yet another lesson.  


I am back !

     I went to look at my blog to see if it had grown wings and flown away and it was still sitting there waiting on me. Funny how that happens. It’s sort of like dishes, laundry, or stacks of bills. They just sit there patiently waiting for you to come do something about them.
     I listened to my blog whining about my absence, complaining that I’d forgotten it and my overall neglect, missing updates and otherwise dragging of my feet. (Blogs can be so annoying at times, not to mention bossy!)
     To quote my son, “Mom, what else do you have to do?” Which he has said to me at times when I've commented on having to do something I've been putting off. I could lie and say, “Dishes, laundry, and attending to my bills,” but then, they would scream, “Liar, liar, pants on fire”.
     So I decided that I would mend my ways and come back to blogging.  The first thing I thought I owed my blog was a makeover 

(Who doesn't love a makeover?) 

Note: You can fiddle with color schemes until your eyes start seeing spots. That was just FYI.

    I think I found one that looks nice and has a hidden subject. I’ll give you a hint. There is an elephant in the room. I have been attracted to elephants this past year and a half. Well, not physically. I’m not certain why they caught my attention, but they have. I've put one on my Facebook cover and have collected several pictures. I just recently completed a picture (which I will post at the end of this posting).
    But if you look closely at the background, you will see the elephant in my blog-room. I also recently found a live Wildlife Cam in Africa where you can watch these magnificent beasts come to drink. Of course, the time difference between Ashville, Oho, and Africa is reversed so my sleep pattern has gone haywire again. It only took me a few nights of sitting in my chair listening to crickets chirping for an hour or so to find another way to do this.
    Because there is sound with the viewing, as the camera pans one part of the watering hole you might hear bushes moving and water splashing. I find myself telling the camera to move quickly in the direction of the noise. Sadly, by the time the camera listens to me, whatever was there is gone. Nothing listens to me.
    So, I came up with a solution whereby I can enjoy sitting in the comfort of my living room and being amazed a watching elephants and other wild animals a continent away and not lose sleep. I watch the archives of the previous night’s activities while drinking my morning coffee. I guess you’d then call it Post live? Previously live? Pretend live?  I’m sure the elephants would object to any of those descriptions letting me know that they are indeed very much ALIVE!
    My son had a comment (what else is new) when I told him about the site and being so amazing that I could be watching elephants thousands of miles away unbeknownst to them. He said, “Imagine what the elephants would say if they were able to watch you back.” Haha.
    You’d read headlines the next day, 


Okay, I’m moving on.

    I've written another book since my last blogging. I’m currently in Ashville, Oh, and I've aged. I have an artificial knee and an artificial shoulder now. I seem to be replacing body parts like batteries. They only last for so long and then one day – poof, you need new ones.
    I've come to find out that I have cataracts, (I will NOT be messing with those!) I can see fine, they are just there.
   Well, I guess that is about all the excitement about me since my last post that you can handle. Now I’ll attempt to post the elephant picture I did recently.  Which me luck.