Tuesday, January 3, 2017

The Right Foot

 I’m not sure which of my feet the right foot is. I do know my left from my right in position of feet but as a RIGHT or wrong foot that’s my quandary. Getting off on the right foot is essential to everything we do. It’s the bases for how things proceed from here. So far I’m doing all right seeing that I have only been at 2017 for three days, some hours, a few minutes, and these current seconds.

But in that time I’ve managed to restart this blog for whatever reason hit me this morning. Join another blogger’s site (not to successfully so far) and write something on my own blog to show good faith in blogging again.

I know one thing I do—I always start off hopeful which is amazing in itself. Hope is a wonder to me. That I have it is a miracle. We are born with hope installed in our DNA. But when we begin to walk in this life hope can often be either enhanced or destroyed.

Depending on our beginning years and the people who start influencing us it often sets the tone for how positive or hopeful of a person we are. Depending on humans can be a risky business. When these humans start coloring on our personal page of life things can get muddy.

If that happens there is a solution—the Lord. I know because he scrubbed the not so positive or good coloring of others on my life-page and gave those areas back to me. Hope bloomed again. 

Sometimes we think that there will never be life in a part of our lives that has failed to grow. I’ve never had a green thumb but I have had my share of many brown twiggy looking things in a pot that I know had something green IN it at one time.

My life had some of those brown twiggy things and one of them was hope. So I’m going to begin here on this blog again and hope will thrive. 

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